Choosing A Bitcoin Casino

Things To Consider When Choosing A Bitcoin Casino

Online gambling has advanced by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time thanks to the advances in technology over the recent past few years. More and more people are taking to online gambling than ever before because it is easier, fun, and accessible from anywhere and at any given time. With the online gambling industry expanding so vastly the demand for these casinos to be flexible when it comes to the modes of payment they accept is greater than ever. Credit cards, debit cards, pay pal, e – wallets are all popular options, but all the latest form of payment which is picking up serious traction is the crypto currency bitcoin.

So why choose a bitcoin casino?

There are many inherent advantages to using bitcoins and these reasons are exactly why you will benefit from choosing a bitcoin casino over a casino that only accept traditional modes of payment. Here are some advantages to using bitcoins over traditional currencies.

No middle man – since there are many redundant replicas of the transaction database, no person or organization can seize bitcoins.

No taxes – since no third party can interject in a bitcoin transaction, there is simply no way they can apply a viable taxation system on bitcoin transactions.

Anonymous – bitcoin transactions are anonymous, which is something especially important to many online gamblers who are hesitant to disclose their identity.

No transaction fees – unlike with credit cards or debit cards and ATM transactions, bitcoins are completely free of transaction fees.

Cannot be stolen – the bitcoin is not tangible and its ownership address can be changed by nobody but the owner himself or herself.

Which bitcoin casino to select?

There are now multiple bitcoin casinos operating on the internet. So the question becomes, which casino should you opt for and what should you consider in making this choice?

Some of the main criteria on which you should judge a bitcoin casino and whether you should play on it or not are as follows

  1. Trust – the fact of the matter is that people are scammed online every single day and online casino players are more at risk than anyone else in this regard, therefore, the first and foremost thing to consider would be how trust worthy the casino is. You will need to do research in terms of reviews, what licenses the casino holds, etc. and ensure the legitimacy of the bitcoin casino before diving into it.
  2. Promo’s – bitcoin casinos offer great sign up bonuses and other promotional bonuses throughout the year, this can help you make a lot more money so you should definitely consider this aspect when making your choice
  3. Quality of website\games – like any other normal online casino, bitcoin casino websites should also be judged in terms of design, ease of use, fluidity, game software, collection of games on offer, etc.
  4. Personal choice – lastly, it is you that will play on the casino, so you will need to tailor your choice depending on what games you want to play, etc.

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